Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Armed Intervention Begins...

Essentially, I have about a week or so to complete stuff... So here I go...

Beginning an Armed Intervention...

What's not shown above:
-1 Astraea Conversion kit, thanks to Dengeki Hobby
-+22 more cans of 7Up

Tools of Intervention
Former Kitchen Table/Model Making Table

note: IT WILL BE CLEANED OFF ONCE I FINISH. As well, I am not eating at the dining table anyway...

So as you can see, you see a lot of tools that I use (and some I haven't used...). Starting with this

This is just in case you spill paint. Cover the table in layers, b/c the paint does seep through, and it is quite a disaster if it happens (I had that done on my working desk once... I was shocked...)


This is to put your painted work in, or use to see what kind of colors show up once they dry. Better than using the news paper b/c you know, it can seep through...

All your cutting essentials:

A nipper, to get the parts out of the gate, and a hobby knife. Be careful when using the knife, but I swear, it is one of the better investments I made... As a side note, I used to cut parts out of the gate using nail clippers....

Gluing essential:

Although all gunpla are snap fit, these are used to get rid of seamlines. I have two different types here...

Sanding essential:

it's just enough to cleanly cut the parts out of the gates with a nipper. You need to smooth down the cut ends at times. It will make your model look better, if you don't have stubs coming out of weird places....

Markers and Sharpie:

This include gundam markers and sharpies. You can guess that the marker is for coloring, but what about the sharpie? Recently, one of my Gundam Markers which was for panel lines ran out of ink (and I was shocked...). So I had to find another alternative, and hence the sharpie... Thick or thin, doesn't matter, just outline the panel lines, then use a cutter or an eraser to get rid of the excess. This is a fact...


As stated above, it's to get rid of excess sharpie ink off the kit when doing the panel line.

Cotton Swab:

What I used to use to get the excess paint off the panel line. It is now used to mix the paint...

Paint Brush:

I have no gut to buy an air spray thing, or don't trust myself with the spray paint (meaning, I don't want to die yet...), therefore I stick with good old fashion paint. I am quite nimble with my fingers, but I need a brush that can handle it. Hence I have several very fine pointed brushes. Also, I have gone through tons of these, b/c I don't clean them properly....

Masking Tape:

Paint control, enough said.


Tamiya paint for the win... And buy flat colors, than one's with gloss...


The one thing I have not used, so I am rather scared to use it... used to fill in seamline, if you don't want to handle with cement.

Will start soon... By finishing Dynames... Then probably go on to GN Arms, then Astraea, then Nadleeh... Over Flag is a hold on until later, b/c I couldn't find paint primer to cover the black... White and Red color scheme for it...

Anyway, keep you all posted on my WiP

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