Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Side Track 1: Having a model stand

Yea, I really need/want to start on my GN Arm, but I still need a bit more tools (basically, looking for primer... First time I will be using it, so a bit scared...)

Anyway, a post I made in Danny Choo.
You know what, there are some times when it's ok to just pose your Gunpla on a shelf. However, units that were meant to fly should have their respected stands... It doesn't matter what you use, the actual action base from Bandai (I am thinking of buying one, but I don't think one is enough. And that's my overall problem...), a stand that comes with the kit, or make one yourself, like the one I did here with a wire coat hangar. i am pretty sure I was endangering my eyes bending the coat hangar though...

=P -As well, one of my lamps broke, so I don't have a great lighting system... Although, I think the way this turned out is rather dashing, if I don't say so myself...

Anyway, more pics of this Gaplant TR-5 Hrairoo I call "Blood Rabbit".

Story Premise: IF-mode of AoZ
Story behind the unit: TTT hires a new Test Pilot from a Newtype Test Facility. One of the Titan's Enhanced Human took a TR-5, and essentially asked it to be painted red, to signify blood, and that she was always blood thirsty (FYI: The pilot is Yandere...).

As a side note, I HATE TAKING PICTURES WITH FLASH ON THIS CAMERA I USE, which is borrowed from my mom, but still...
I hate flash 4
I hate flash 5
I hate flash 1
Arnold Schwarzenegger voice: THE FLASH! THEY DO NOTHING!

Although this one doesn't look bad... But too soft...
I hate flash 2

Iono, maybe it's my picture taking preference... Regardless, hope to start on GN Arms soon....

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